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Law Offices of Shawn Seliger handles foreclosure issues in Lee, Collier, Charlotte and DeSoto counties.

The thought of losing your home can be frightening. It likely represents your single largest asset into which you have sunk all your life’s savings over the years. Perhaps you bought or overextended during the height of the real estate boom in Southwest Florida — and the current value has declined to well under what you originally paid. Or, you’ve lost your job or incurred huge medical bills and can no longer make the mortgage and tax payments. You’re not alone. Shawn Seliger has had loved ones and friends who have been faced with the same dilemma.

Time is of the essence! If you are behind on your house payments, have been served with a notice of foreclosure or have received a mortgage foreclosure complaint, you need to get in touch with your Southwest Florida Lawyer who will try to keep you in your home for as long as possible. Foreclosure can happen quickly if you do not take action within 20 days of receiving a mortgage complaint. Once the foreclosure process is initiated, the window of opportunity to try to save your home closes quickly.

An experienced foreclosure attorney may be able to delay the foreclosure timeline and will help you select the best option to enable you to stay in your home longer. Challenging foreclosure can buy you precious time to negotiate a payment workout, pay off or modify the loan, or arrange for a short sale or deed in lieu of foreclosure/deficiency with your lender, sell your home for fair market value, or possibly file bankruptcy.

An experienced real estate lawyer can also help you avoid a deficiency judgment, or money that you could continue to owe, even if your home is sold at auction for less than the amount secured by your mortgage. Don’t go it alone. Get the help you need right away! It could be the best investment you will ever make for your future financial security.

Trust Law Offices of Shawn Seliger to help you find the right solution to your foreclosure challenges.