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Family conflicts and tension are difficult to endure and resolve without help. Once couples start down a path of destruction, it is often hard to repair the damage, slow the momentum or stop the direction. Often, the end is inevitable. Right now, your world may be in chaos and your future may look uncertain … and even frightening. Thoughts of having to separate from your spouse, of not seeing your children regularly, or of having to divide assets and dismantle a household can be overwhelming.

It’s important to get objective, clear guidance — a steady hand that can confidently lead you through all the decisions that have to be made and negotiate as fair a resolution as possible that meets your and your family’s deepest needs. When reason and negotiation fail, rest assured the firm will aggressively try your case in a court of law.

The firm’s experience spans virtually all kinds of complex family matters from divorce, child support, alimony, parenting plans, time-sharing schedules, paternity, domestic violence and post-judgment matters. I want to be your Southwest Florida Lawyer and help you and your family find the best possible solutions.

Shawn Seliger makes himself readily available to every client day or night to personally guide you every step of the way … for your peace of mind.

Let Law Offices of Shawn Seliger guide you every step of the way.

Divorce Law

Approaching a divorce is never easy, especially if children are involved. Having the right Southwest Florida Lawyer can make all the difference in the outcome of your case, both in settlement negotiations and at trial.Learn More

Paternity Law

Pursuing a paternity determination can be the cornerstone of an action to seek a parenting plan and time-sharing arrangement… or to contest a child support order.

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Property Division

Protect your rights and ensure that your assets, as well as debts, are divided properly when you and your spouse divorce. 

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Child Support

Trying to shelter your children from as much of the disappointment and painful details of separation, divorce and changes in living arrangements is just part of trying to keep your children healthy and feeling loved and secure.

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Spousal Maintenance

Having a qualified, experienced divorce attorney guide you in the process of discovering and negotiating the division of the property, business assets, and liabilities of the family is your best defense.

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Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is still often hidden in our society today. It can start out as mental, physical, or verbal abuse and escalate into real violence.

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Child Custody

Nothing is more important than your time with your children. With our assistance, we can develop a parenting plan that works for your family. 

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Modifying Existing Orders

Change is inevitable, and with it may come the need to adjust child custody or support. Contact us to learn more about how the law applies to your particular situation. 

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