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4 Common Reasons People Get Divorced

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2020 | Divorce |

No one gets married expecting to need a Fort Myers divorce attorney. If most people are honest with themselves, they marry because of a desire for commitment and understanding, which includes love. However, sometimes love isn’t enough, or it isn’t long-lasting. Therefore, divorce is common, and it is not a symbol of failure or inadequacy, it is only a tool to help you move into a hopefully happier and more productive stage of your life. There are at least four reasons people get divorced, excluding infidelity and abuse or neglect.

  1. Communication

Any divorce attorney Fort Myers will probably agree that poor communication is a significant contributor to the divorce rate in Florida. This can make divorce proceedings difficult, especially in no-fault states, because negotiation and compromise are vital to a healthy divorce.

  1. Intimacy

Next, a lack of physical and emotional support or intimacy is lacking, often because the two parties are no longer attracted to each other. While some couples may consider counseling, others will want to move forward amicably and separately.

  1. Individual Identity

In a marriage, especially when children are involved, it is common for one partner or both to feel a loss of individual identity. Codependence in small doses is OK, but when it becomes the crux of the relationship, it is problematic. A Fort Myers divorce lawyer can help dissolve a marriage peacefully, especially if both parties are on board.

  1. Finances

Unfortunately, money is often the greatest burden of relationships, especially when you have little cash and mounting debt. Relationships can begin to feel more like failing businesses and can often become contentious, which is when a divorce attorney in Fort Myers is vital.

A Fort Myers divorce attorney will likely want to help you end your marriage amicably, but if the proceedings are destined to become contentious, then having their expertise in trial law is a necessary means to an end. While going through a divorce is potentially sad, the process, as a tool, is useful in helping you begin a new chapter in your life.

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