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Why You Need a Family Lawyer to Help with Your Fort Myers Divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 24, 2019 | Firm News |

A divorce is a challenging experience to go through. Even when a couple is splitting by mutual consent there are still many important considerations that must be factored into the process. Working with a family lawyer in Fort Myers helps you to manage the process effectively and fairly. These are some of the most common issues facing a couple during a “conscious uncoupling:” A top Fort Myers divorce lawyer and custody attorney in Fort Myers can help guide your way.

Custody Planning

For couples with children, the most common issues a Fort Myers family lawyer can help you with is making sure that you agree and understand the custody and child planning decisions being made.  In addition to determining custody for the children, you should also negotiate decision-making responsibilities and plans when it comes to things like schooling or activities the children participate in. Negotiating how much time the children will spend with each parent, as well as holidays and birthdays, are also very important details. An experienced divorce lawyer in Fort Myers and Lee County custody attorney can help guide your way.

Asset Division

The next important factor in a Fort Myers divorce is the division of any assets you own as a couple and securing non-marital assets. In an ideal setting, both partners will agree on the split. However, you should expect there to be at least a few areas where both you and your partner would like to take possession of the same belongings, or disagree on the allotment of financial resources. A family lawyer in Fort Myers can help you prioritize and fight on your behalf to help you secure the assets you value most.

Financial Support

In a relationship where one partner is the primary breadwinner, or where one partner will largely be assuming custodial responsibility of the children, it is likely there will be a financial support agreement. Whether you are receiving or sending the financial payments, a Fort Myers family lawyer is essential to ensure that you are treated fairly in the agreement.

Although few divorces are entirely easy, working with a top family lawyer in Fort Myers can make the process simpler, and more importantly, make sure that your interests are protected.

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