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Divorcing with Children: What You Need to Know for Your Kids – Naples Divorce Attorney

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2019 | Firm News |

When carrying out a divorce where children are involved, the well-being of the children should remain a top priority. Divorce can be hard on a couple’s children, particularly with younger children who may not understand why the situation has to be the way it is. These tips from a top Naples divorce attorney can help you and your partner make the process as manageable as possible for your children.

Be Open with Them

While you don’t need to tell your children every detail about why you’re getting a divorce, you should also not be hiding the process from them either. When you’ve reached the point where you and your partner are each hiring a divorce attorney in Naples, you should also prepare to sit down and explain the situation to your children to help them begin to process and understand the split in an easy and friendly manner. Also, having a child attend counseling to learn to cope with their parents divorce may be a productive approach.

Be Understanding

An experienced Naples divorce attorney knows that no two children will react to the news in the exact same way, and it’s important that you provide validation for the way your children are feeling. Divorce can be very hard on children, and feelings of anger, sadness, confusion and guilt are all common. Offer your children support however they take the news to help ease their burden.

Make Yourselves Available

It can be easy to get caught up in your own concerns and issues when in the middle of a divorce, but it’s essential as a parent to make sure that you are there for your children. Check in to see how they are doing and offer help understanding the changes if needed. Try to continue doing things together as a family if possible. Maintaining a united front will help reassure your child, and ultimately help them acclimate to the idea of the divorce more easily.

Keep any Arguments Private

While it’s always advisable to avoid arguments in general during a divorce, if they do occur, make sure the children are not around to see it. Witnessing an angry fight between their parents can be very hard on your children.

If you’re struggling with your children during a divorce, speak with your Naples divorce attorney and ask for advice. Just as experience can help you during mediation, it can help you do what’s best for your children, as well.

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