It can be challenging to navigate the troubled waters of dividing assets during a divorce. If you’re unable to come to an amicable agreement with your spouse, the decision will be left to the courts. Having a knowledgeable Naples divorce lawyer on your side can help guide you when meeting with mediators or judges.

What Are the Different Types of Assets?

There are two different types of property: marital and non-marital property. Marital property includes any earnings or debts gained by either spouse during the marriage. Florida is an equitable distribution state, not a community property state. Non-marital property is considered any assets designated explicitly for just one spouse, such as an inheritance, non-marital pension proceeds, and non-marital personal injury awards. If potential non-marital property entangled itself with property, such as if a business started by one spouse before the marriage significantly grows in value, you should consult a Naples divorce lawyer to determine technical ownership.

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