Fort Myers child custody issues can complicate even amicable divorces. Fortunately, in Florida, only a small percentage of divorce proceedings wind up in child custody courts. The primary factor in deciding these cases is the best interest of the child. Having an experienced Fort Myers child custody attorney representing you, working out an agreement that includes both parents and allows each one to have an active role in the children’s upbringing usually suits that outcome best. Sometimes logistics make decisions about physical custody harder to render. When a child’s parents reside in different states, the services of a Fort Myers child custody lawyer can help settle the questions about parental rights that typically arise.

Doing What’s Best

Physical residence, the parent with whom the child lives, does not necessarily affect parental custody, which is primarily concerned with making decisions for the child. A parent that lives out of state can still exercise his or her fair share of parental custody. Both parents may have to overcome various inconveniences to make an out-of-state parental arrangement work. Most agree that anything that helps the child to grow up to be a healthy and well-adjusted individual is worth the extra trouble. One or both parents often turn to an experienced Fort Myers child custody lawyer to conceive of a plan. The goal is for the judge to agree to a beneficial arrangement for the child without putting undue hardship on either parent.

Reaching Out For Assistance

The issues that arise during a divorce case can seem overwhelming. Emotions are typically raw. The implications of the decisions that parents and courts must make are often monumental and long-reaching. Typically, one of the parents living outside of the original state of residence makes those judgments even more difficult. At times like these, calling in a Fort Myers child custody lawyer from the Law Offices of Shawn Seliger can assist you in seeing things more clearly.

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