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The Benefits of a Fort Myers Family Lawyer-Drafted Parenting Plan

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2019 | Firm News |

When you and your spouse decide to part ways, you have several considerations to make, one of which is, “Should we draft a parenting plan?” If you and your partner are on good terms, you may assume you don’t need one, as neither of you anticipate the other making co-parenting difficult. Unfortunately, however, things can change, and you and your child’s other parent may not always see eye-to-eye. A professional parenting plan, drafted with the help of an experienced Fort Myers family lawyer, can help mitigate issues and ensure a more peaceful arrangement.

The Benefits of a Parenting Plan

Any reputable family lawyer in Fort Myers will tell you that a parenting plan is essential in any divorce case involving children. From helping you navigate everyday life post-divorce to offering guidance when the unexpected arises, parenting plans come with many benefits. Below are just a few:

· Your child’s best interests always come first.

· You can focus on parenting rather than on what comes next.

· You can ensure your child gets equal love, support and affection from both parents.

· You and your former spouse can remain a team despite being separated.

· You can minimize conflicts thanks to the guidelines and expectations outlined in the plan.

However, to ensure maximum effectiveness with your plan, retain the help of an experienced Fort Myers family lawyer.

Why Work With a Family Lawyer

Some divorcing parties assume that because they agree on everything that they don’t need the help of a Fort Myers family lawyer. This often proves to be a costly misconception.

An experienced family lawyer can help ensure that the language is clear and fair to both parents. He or she can also ensure that it leaves no room for interpretation for those instances when you and your child’s other parent are not getting along. A family lawyer can also help account for the “what-ifs,” such as, “What if the other parent is out of town,” or “What if the other parent gets a job across country.” Finally, a Fort Myers family lawyer can ensure you don’t forget the important details, such as those involving holiday arrangements, transportation, financial obligations and vacations.

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