The United States currently ranks fourth in the world for divorce rates with an average marriage life of eight years before divorce. The 2018 statistics have yet to come out for individual states. The grim outlook of the 1990s is long gone, but divorce still ends many marriages. A Naples divorce attorney can offer you greater insight into the information below.

Statistics of Divorce in Florida

In 2017, Florida ranked seventh among the states for highest divorce rates. While the state may be a good option for moving to start over and retiring, there has been a rise in “gray divorce” or retirees choosing to divorce. Eleven of the top fifty cities for divorce reside in the state. However, the rate of divorce in the state still lies at a little below fifty percent on par with the national average.

Factors Contributing to Higher Divorce Rates

While the average divorce rate across the nation for 2018 lies between 42% and 45%, some indicators may contribute to a higher chance of divorce. Though not every marriage with these factors ends in divorce, they do have a higher likelihood of ending.

  • Remarriage statistics grow with each subsequent spouse
  • No high school diploma
  • A friend or relation getting divorced
  • Marry before the age of 25
  • Parents are divorced
  • Fight about money
  • Your spouse doesn’t smoke but you do

A Divorce Lawyer’s Job

A Naples divorce attorney is a good place to start when looking to file for divorce or after you’ve been served papers. They handle the paperwork, assist in determining division of debts and assets, assists with terms for child support and child custody, gather research for the case and offers advice.

Navigating the heartbreaking waters of a failed marriage are easier with a Naples divorce attorney. Please contact us today for more information and a free phone consultation at (239) 333-0077. You can also fill out our convenient online form after hours.