Filing for divorce is rarely easy, and the entire divorce process gets more and more complicated. With the help of a Fort Myers divorce lawyer, you may find that the difficult decisions that almost always come up are a little bit easier to make. Armed with legal training and experience, an attorney may be able to provide you with sound advice and assistance with the following important decisions.

Custody and Visitation

If you’re getting a divorce, you and your spouse likely have difficulty getting along. This can make deciding on custody and visitation rights very challenging. With the help of a Fort Myers divorce lawyer, you may be able to figure out the best situation for your children, you and your future ex-spouse.

Asset Division

Whether you have a lot of assets or just a few, deciding on how you’ll divide them up between you and your divorcing spouse can be tricky. In some cases, spouses may try to hide assets. You’ll want a divorce lawyer in Fort Myers on your side to help you discover all income and assets, as well as to figure out what to do with them.

Moving Out

Divorcing couples who own a home together may not know who should continue to live there or if they should sell. There are several factors that impact the decision to move out, remain in place or sell that an attorney can help you sort through, including the following:

• Do you want to gain sole ownership?
• Can you and your spouse handle cohabitation during the process?
• Should your kids be able to stay put to avoid potential problems?

The decisions that you have to make during a divorce are likely to be some of the most challenging of your life. Trying to make them without a Fort Myers divorce lawyer is not only difficult, but it can also have long-lasting consequences. Contact us today for more information and a free phone consultation at (239) 333-0077 or fill out the convenient online contact form here.