Domestic violence is a sensitive issue that affects many throughout society. Verbal, mental, emotional and physical abuse all come under the domestic violence heading. The Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence reports that in 2016, law enforcement received 105,668 domestic violence case reports. The group estimates that many times the number of known cases go unreported each year. Often, victims fear retribution from their abuser if they report the crime. Recipients of abuse can often benefit from the services of a Fort Myers domestic violence attorney.

Protecting the Victims Rights

A domestic violence attorney in Fort Myers can help alleged victims of domestic abuse by obtaining a court injunction, or restraining order, to keep the assailant out of your physical space. Many times in domestic cases the situation becomes so emotionally charged that the abuser will stalk or harass the victim at home, work and school. If an assailant violates a legal restraining order, a Fort Myers domestic violence attorney can assist the victim to file legal charges in court. The safety of the victim is the most critical factor in domestic violence cases, and every attempt must be made to separate the victim from the assailant.

Defending False Charges of Abuse

Sometimes, during the heated situations that arise during domestic disputes, false allegations of domestic violence can be levied by one party against another. In these cases, legal representation can help prove the innocence of the accused. Experience in understanding how law enforcement and the legal system view these cases can prove invaluable when defending against accusations of domestic violence. Hiring a Fort Myers domestic violence attorney is often a smart move when faced with this potentially serious situation.

Don’t Wait, Take Action

Your safety and the protection of your rights is too important to leave to chance. Secure the services of Shawn Seliger, an attorney experienced in all facets of domestic violence from the Law Offices of Shawn Seliger.

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