Determining the biological father of a child, or paternity, can affect many aspects of a divorce proceeding or child custody case. Child support cases in which a father suspects infidelity on the part of the mother is one prime example when life-changing decisions can hinge on determining paternity. Knowing who fathered a child can also help unwed mothers receive monetary help from the natural father to support their children. In cases where fatherhood is unknown or denied, the legal procedures required to establish or disestablish paternity legally in the state of Florida can be daunting. Whether you are seeking to prove or disprove paternity, hiring a paternity lawyer in Fort Myers can help you navigate the often-arduous process.

In disputed cases over paternity, according to Florida State Law, a paternity action can be initiated by either a man claiming to be the child’s father or by the child’s mother. The Florida Department of Revenue can also start a case when questions of child support payments arise. The court will usually order genetic testing to determine the biological father of the child. Having a Fort Myers paternity lawyer, whether you are the mother or alleged father, can help make sure that someone is protecting your rights during the proceedings.

Changing a Ruling on Legal Paternity

It sometimes happens that an alleged father, believing he is a child’s biological father, pays child support for years before discovering that the child belongs to someone else. Hiring a paternity lawyer in Fort Myers is often the best way to proceed with the complicated procedure of potentially having a previous ruling on paternity reversed.

Protecting Rights and Helping Enforce Responsibilities

The determination of paternity can result in financial obligations that can change the lives of the parties involved. The ramifications for the adults and the children involved are too great to leave to chance. Secure an experienced Fort Myers paternity lawyer from the Law Offices of Shawn Seliger to help protect your legal rights.

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