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A Fort Myers Family Lawyer Can Make Facing the Unknown in Child Custody Cases Easier

On Behalf of | May 10, 2018 | Firm News |

In 2016, according to the Florida Vital Statistics Annual Reports, nearly 80,000 minor children in the state were affected by the dissolution of marriages. This figure represents more than a troubling statistic; the number represents potential emotional pain and stress suffered by people, both adults and children, going through the often painful process of a divorce. The dissolution of a marriage is usually a painful experience on its own, but when children are involved, it seems to multiply the agony. Entering into a separation or divorce proceeding involving children without someone to guide you through the process may cause you to suffer more than necessary. A Fort Myers family lawyer can help minimize the emotionally charged courtroom situations that may arise when complex legal proceedings meet strong parental feelings.

Areas to Consider Before Entering a Custody Hearing

The time to make decisions concerning essential issues involving parenting your children post-divorce is not when you are before a judge. These topics typically need to be addressed beforehand. Getting assistance from a legal professional may be in your best interest when it comes to developing a realistic plan. A family lawyer in Fort Myers may be able to help you decide on complicated matters such as child support, custody and parenting plans. Consulting with a Fort Myers family lawyer can help take the mystery and dread out of how the law tends to deal with parenting in divorce cases. Knowing what to expect and having a plan for dealing with situations that may arise once the proceedings begin can go a long way toward relieving your stress and frustration.

Don’t Go it Alone

Unfortunately, the emotional nature of divorce or separation cases involving children can make it challenging to bring each parent together to act in the best interest of the child. The guidance of an experienced Fort Myers family lawyer at the Law Offices of Shawn Seliger may help you to look at the situation through a different perspective, and help you work toward achieving the best possible arrangement.

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