How Are Child Support Payments Calculated in Florida
With more than 1.4 million child support cases active throughout the state of Florida at any time, understanding how to calculate child support payments applies to many Floridians. A child support attorney in Fort Myers can help to ensure child support arrangements are fair to both custodial and non-custodial parents.

Setting Payment Amounts
Payment amounts are usually established by the Florida courts, making it valuable to have representation by a Fort Myers child support attorney throughout the proceedings. Both parents are responsible for financially supporting minor children, whether unmarried, married or divorced. After determining which parent is providing the primary residence, the court calculates the payment amount that will be made by the other parent. While a Child Support Guidelines Worksheet is typically used to set the payment, the court can vary the amount at its discretion. Factors that normally affect payment levels include:

• Individual or special needs of the children
• Ages of the children
• Each parent’s financial status
• Day care expenses
• Child health care expenses

Determining Financial Status
The court customarily uses each person’s net income to evaluate financial status. A Fort Myers child support lawyer typically ensures that the court includes the following types of income in the calculations:

• Salary, wages, bonuses, commissions, tips, overtime pay
• Business net income
• Worker’s compensation benefits and settlements
• Retirement, pension and annuity payments
• Government benefits, including disability, social security and unemployment
• Spousal support from a previous marriage
• Interest and dividends
• Rental, royalty, trust and estate income
• Child support obligations from another case

Engaging Representation
A child support attorney in Fort Myers can work to ensure child support payments are equitable at the outset of the plan and throughout the term of the arrangement as circumstances change. The Law Offices of Shawn Seliger can provide caring and accessible legal counsel throughout the process.

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