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A Naples Family Attorney Provides Legal Help for Family Conflicts

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2018 | Firm News |

Family conflicts can be incredibly emotional, potentially damaging relationships between people for years to come. Rather than facing the issues alone, working with a Naples family attorney frequently provides the support needed to successfully navigate the complicated issues.

Matters Benefitting From Legal Representation

Family matters are especially personal. There is often extensive history underlying today’s conflict, adding unique complexities to the issues. An experienced Naples family attorney can provide both guidance and representation to resolve the following types of matters:

• Divorce. Legal counsel could cover all aspects of the divorce, function behind the scenes with general advice or provide limited-scope representation for select topics.
• Child support. Non-custodial parents are typically required to financially contribute towards paying for a child’s upbringing. An attorney’s guidance may be helpful during initial negotiations and when visitation arrangements change over time.
• Alimony. Working with an experienced attorney helps ensure that all financial resources are included as the court considers an alimony request from one of the spouses.
• Parenting plans and time-sharing schedules. Family attorneys often help parents create plans that focus on the best interests of the children, provide stable living conditions and give each parent the opportunity to sustain a close parental relationship.
• Paternity. For both fathers and children, there are many reasons to validate paternity when the father was not identified at the time of birth.
• Domestic violence. A family attorney can help guide you to putting legal protections in place as quickly as possible.
• Post-judgment matters. Because family law frequently deals with complex matters, questions regularly arise after initial settlements are completed. Modifications may be appropriate in the future if it meets the necessary legal standard.

Benefits of Working With a Naples Family Attorney

Working with a qualified family attorney in Naples does not mean you want to escalate the conflict. Choosing qualified legal counsel normally shows that you are ready to move past the disagreements, reach a resolution or have your day in family court. Please feel free to contact us today for additional information and a free telephone consultation.

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