Until fatherhood is legally established, neither parent nor child may fully benefit from the relationship. Paternity is not typically established in Florida courts unless the parents are married or they both voluntarily acknowledge the father’s identity through the Courts. Since resolving paternity issues can affect several lives over multiple years, it can be beneficial to work with a Fort Myers family lawyer when preparing and submitting complex legal paperwork, gathering and submitting appropriate evidence to the court, and negotiating long-term arrangements between the parties.

Benefits for Fathers

With just under 50 percent of the Fort Myers population being male, there are many who ultimately find themselves in situations where they are facing paternity issues. Working with an experienced family lawyer in Fort Myers generally positions the father as effectively as possible during the process.

• The father may be better able to influence the child’s upbringing and meaningfully contribute when important health and education decisions are made.
• A mutually agreeable co-parenting arrangement may be made and updated as situations change over time.
• The father often wants to confirm parentage prior to making child support payments.

Benefits for Children

Children may need assistance from a Fort Myers family lawyer when paternity issues need resolution through the court system. Determining paternity frequently ensures that children receive the same benefits as others whose parentage was documented through a valid marriage.

• In some cases, children are entitled to receive government benefits due to the father’s status.
• A child may secure his or her right to inherit from the father.
• Family medical history is normally accessible when needed.
• The father could be responsible to pay for the child’s medical insurance coverage.

Securing Legal Rights for Both Father and Child

As paternity rules are revised over time, assistance from a Fort Myers family lawyer can help ensure both the parent and child are taking full advantage of the legal rights afforded to them. Contact us today for more information and a free phone consultation. Call (239) 333-0077 OR fill out the online contact form.