According to Wallethub, a personal finance website, Floridians have the third highest divorce rate in the country. This means a large number of ex-couples are in the midst of negotiating financial arrangements that will have a lasting impact for years to come. Working with an experienced divorce attorney in Fort Myers often helps the parties reach a fair and equitable financial settlement, taking into account all assets and financial resources.

Alimony is an important topic within the overall scope of financial negotiations. While not automatically awarded by Florida courts, it must be considered if reasonably pled/requested by either of the parties. A Fort Myers divorce attorney can help ensure that all factors are contemplated when eligibility for alimony is included in the negotiations.

Types of Alimony

The payment of alimony is intended to recognize that one spouse may not have the same resources as the other once the marital union is dissolved. Multiple types of alimony are used depending on the circumstances.

• Temporary – payable during divorce proceedings
• Bridge-the-gap – transitional assistance to help re-start a household
• Rehabilitative – pays for education or vocational training
• Durational – paid for a limited time, typically no longer than the marriage
• Permanent – awarded when one spouse is unable to achieve the same lifestyle that was enjoyed during the marriage and when the length of the marriage corresponds to applicable Florida law.

Alimony Considerations

Many factors going in to the court’s decision to award alimony. When negotiating alimony payments, a divorce attorney in Fort Myers normally raises the following types of topics.

• Length of marriage
• Communal standard of living
• Age
• Physical or emotional issues that could hinder the ability to earn a living
• Education and career training needs
• Financial and other contributions made by each spouse during the marriage

Financial Arrangements of Divorce

Alimony is just one of many financial tools used during divorce proceedings. An experienced divorce attorney in Fort Myers can help ensure that all financial resources are given full consideration as a fair division of financial resources is negotiated. Contact us today for more information and a free telephone consultation. Call (239) 333-0077 OR fill out the online contact form.