Child custody cases can be difficult, so you want to ensure that you are informed on the laws and that you have an experienced Fort Myers child custody lawyer on your side. This may aid in making the process go a bit smoother for you and your children.

What is Required for Parents to Establish Custody

When you are trying to get custody of your children, you can pursue either joint custody or sole custody. With joint custody, you will essentially share the child with the other parent. With sole custody, you will be the sole caretaker for the child. Sole custody is usually reserved for the most extreme circumstances. In general, who gets custody is determined on what is in the best interests of the child. There are multiple factors that the courts might explore to determine this. They usually look at the parent’s ability to provide for the child emotionally and physically along with the overall quality of life provided for the child.

Courts might also look at the parent and family background. For example, a parent with a criminal history may have a harder time getting custody. The courts might also consider a number of other factors. Under some limited circumstances, this may include a child’s choice if they are of proper age, the wishes of the parents and how much adjustment the custody agreement might require so that the best interest of the child are met. Having a child testify in Court should be the last resort, not the first option. An experienced Fort Myers custody attorney will seek to guide you through this process.

Exploring the Legal Basics

The legal process concerning child custody can sometimes be complicated. It may be a bit easier to handle when you work with an experienced Fort Myers child custody lawyer, such as Shawn Seliger. While approximately more than 91 percent of cases concerning child custody were solved without family court system support in 2012, it is still important to understand it. Your lawyer can walk you through the basics and ensure that you know what to expect.

With this information, you may be able to better approach the situation, but it is important that you do it with a Fort Myers child custody lawyer on your side. Contact us today to get more information about child custody and to receive your free telephone consultation