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Law office of Shawn Seliger
Law office of Shawn Seliger

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Attorney Shawn Seliger

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Committed To Client Satisfaction

When you enlist our help, Shawn Seliger is committed to protecting your rights and advocating assertively on your behalf, whether that is to negotiate an agreement or while representing you in court proceedings.
Mr. Seliger will make sure you understand your options and provide a comprehensive overview of all possible outcomes. He believes it serves our clients best to be straightforward and to help set realistic expectations. Although it is preferred to resolve disputes outside of court, he is always prepared to go to trial if a fair agreement cannot be reached through negotiation or mediation.

A Trusted Adviser For Divorce In Southwest Florida

Few things disrupt life more than divorce. Even in the best of situations, ending a marriage can be emotionally exhausting and pose financial challenges.

One effective way to minimize this disruption and land in the best possible position to start your post-divorce life is to work with an attorney who is committed to you and your goals. At the Law Offices of Shawn Seliger, that is how he approaches every case.

Shawn works directly with every client. He will take the time to learn the unique aspects of your case so he can then help prioritize your objectives.

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Experienced Family Law Guidance 

From Our Clients

“When I first met Shawn I was in a terrible situation and I was emotionally drained. I was fighting an uphill battle and could not see a way out. Shawn listened patiently and he gave me realistic expectations. Perhaps not what I wanted to hear at the time, but he spoke his mind anyway… Today, I am so thankful he was so upfront and realistic with me, HE WON MY CASE!!!!! I will always be forever thankful. Thank you Shawn!”


“Shawn was the only lawyer that helped protect my child. He is very upfront and will not just tell you what you want to hear. To be honest I was upset most of the time I left his office but his advice was dead on every time it was just not what I had wanted to hear. My case was very complicated and if it was not for him I would of never been able to protect him. Very grateful.”


“To find someone like Shawn, via the internet and from 1,100 miles away, was a true miracle! During one of the most incredibly stressful times in my life, I found myself looking for a criminal attorney who was: highly rated; seasoned, but not past one’s time; responsive; honest; and affordable . I found all these attributes in Shawn. As I told him, I threw all my trust in him, and he more than delivered! THANK YOU, Shawn!!”


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Legal Guidance In Real Estate Matters

We represent clients in landlord-tenant disputes and foreclosure defense.

Strong Defense Against Criminal Charges

Law Offices of Shawn Seliger also represent individuals throughout Southwest Florida who face drunk driving or other criminal charges. The firm brings the same commitment to personal attention and protecting our clients’ rights that are employed in family law matters to our criminal cases.

A conviction of any criminal charge can have long-term consequences. The firm will work to minimize the impact of a criminal charge, whether that is through acquittal, dismissal or reduction of the charges, or reaching an alternative resolution.

Call 239-333-0077 or use our online contact form to schedule a consultation. The firm will assess the facts of your case and recommend a smart course of action.

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